Since 2006

Syria Lebanon Bahrain Saudi Arabia

After conducting an in depth analysis of the needs in Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain he produced the by-laws of EAD then proceeded to legalize this NGO whose main objectives are to promote equal access to quality education as well as planning and implementing sustainable educational systems trough concerted and coordinated efforts of the public and private sectors with the active participation of the local communities and international community. All this in accordance to the directives of the  « Meilleures Pratiques de la Gestion du Cycle de Projet (PCM)”   

Work with ministries for passing new laws that guarantee the rights to education for special needs and gifted children


August 2005 - August 2006

Jordan  ERfKE Support Project

Transferring the “From School to Career Program” to Save the Children NGO and conducting 4 regional workshops.


August 2005 - January  2006


Distribution issues and considerations.




April 2006- June 2006

Jordan “ ERfKE Project “

Linking curricular content to the job market needs


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