March  2008
“From Access to Success”: Participated in the experts’ meeting held at Doha, Qatar by UNESCO

September 2008


Mission d’identification et de faisabilité du programme d’appui au secteur de l'enseignement supérieur en Algérie ”  (Projet CE)

L’objectif de cette mission est de passer en revue les différentes réformes ainsi que le secteur de l'éducation et l'enseignement supérieur en Algérie dans sa globalité et d’identifier les grandes lignes de l’appui communautaire ainsi que les modalités envisageables de mise en œuvre.

August  2008

Syria Aleppo

Al-Kalima School Aleppo

Consultants to the school’s Administration:

Responsible for :

  1. Producing the school’s mission and vision statement.
  2. Setting up the organizational chart for the school’s administration.
  3. Conducting faculty and staff screening for hiring.
  4. Setting up the school’s accounting system and auditing the work of its accounting department.
  5. Preparing the list of furniture, equipment and supplies purchases.
  6. Preparing the books order.
  7. Training faculty and staff.
  8. Launching the academic year with the open house reception of the school’s parents community.
  9. Producing the passive and active advertisement program.
  10.  Overseeing the procedures for entrance exams and enrollment.
  11.  Coordinating with the faculty for all subjects.
  12. Setting up a special education program.
  13. Producing the Individual Educational Plan for Special Education Students.
  14. Coordinating with the special education teachers and following up on the IEP implementation.
  15. Participating in all Administrative meetings and the decision making process.

November 2008

Syria: Feasibility study for establishing a primary school in Homs

The study included:


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