March 2009

Lebanon: Consultant with NCSC on  the:
 “Project to strengthen the independence of the judiciary and citizen Access to justice in Lebanon”
A USAID project implemented by the National Center for State Courts

The objective of this consultancy is to (1) provide training to judges and clerks of the Project’s model/pilot court in better ways of serving the public, and modern court management methods that use automation, (2) advise on the creation of case management applications software, and (3) create a body of training materials and a how-to pamphlet on execution of judgments for unrepresented litigants. 

March 2009

Africa, Congo Brazzaville

Feasibility study for establishing a French Baccalaureate School.
Providing the architectural design for the school.
Curriculum Design.
Development and Implementation Plan for the project.
Follow up services including but not limited to:

  1. Professional Development Program for the faculty and staff.
  2. Administration Members training.
  3. Preparing the school for certification
Long term contract for quality assurance and development


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