Students Screening for Special Needs

When a child proves to be an under-achiever, parents tend to resort to the private school where children receive more support and attention as compared to what public schools offer. The success of the private school resides in its ability to differentiate between students who simply need remedial education with some additional attention and those who suffer from learning difficulties and are in need of specialized services.

The most important factor for success is to be able to define what services the school is able to offer its students and put forward a clear and logical admissions policy, an appropriate staff development program and provide the necessary environment for such services.

Special needs screening during the course of the academic year will help the school understand the results achieved by 15% of the students’ population that does not exhibit any noticeable characteristics or visible differences. This helps the school coordinate with the parents and cater to the students' needs in a better way. Special needs screening during admissions helps the school control the ratio of special needs students to regular students according to the school’s ability to handle special needs. Either way, we can help initiate screening during and after admissions, and initiate a special education program for students with L.D. and can provide the necessary support for these two programs.

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